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Periods and Swimming: Busting the Myths

by Sally ATKINS 28 Jul 2023
period swimwear and how it works

Hey let's talk about something that's been swimming around as a rumor for ages and it's the most asked questions we get with first time Period Swimwear buyers – the myth of period bleeding while swimming. 🌊🩸 DO YOU BLEED WHILE YOU ARE SWIMMING? 

So, picture this: you're all set to hit the pool, but Aunt Flo's come to town, and you've heard scary stories of period leaks making a surprise guest appearance in the water. Well, it's time to put that myth to rest and dive into some cool facts!

1. Your Body Knows Best:

Hey, our bodies are super smart! During periods, your cervix (the gateway to your uterus) is sealed shut like a fortress. It's like your body has a "No Swimming for Blood" policy in place! So, there's no chance of any leaks while you're doing your front crawl.

2. Water Pressure Ain't No Match:

Ever felt that water pressure on your body while swimming? It's refreshing, right? Well, guess what – it's not enough to mess with your menstrual flow. Your flow doesn't work like a leaky faucet; it's a well-controlled process. 

3. Period Swimwear to the Rescue:

Okay, let's be real – pads might not be the best swimming companions.  Tampons and menstrual cups are great if you know how to use them but if not inserted correctly you can feel them when you push off the wall which is never fun. So this is where Period Swimwear comes into play, It's a cool discreet leak proof liner in your swimwear that catches your flow once your out of the pool and your body releases its not swimming anymore.  They'll make sure there's no unwelcome surprise when you're showing off your cannonballs. 

4. Everyone's Got Your Back:

Remember, almost every girl at some point swims during her period. It's not a big deal at all! No one is secretly inspecting you in the water. Everyone's there to have fun and cool off, just like you!

5. Break the Stigma:

Periods are a natural part of life, and talking about them openly helps break down any silly taboos. So, spread the word, bust those myths, and empower your squad with the truth!

In a nutshell, swimming during your period is absolutely A-OK. Your body's got it all under control and will thank you for the exercise. With a funky period proof swimsuit, you can enjoy pool time like a pro!

Remember, you're awesome, and your period doesn't define you or stop you from living life to the fullest. So, next time someone tries to scare you away from the water, splash 'em with the truth!

Stay fabulous, fierce, period positive and if you have any questions please shoot us an email! 💪🩸🌊

Sal xo.

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