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5 Tips to Stay Warm While Swimming this Winter

by Sally ATKINS 16 May 2024
5 Tips to Stay Warm While Swimming this Winter

As the winter chill sets in, many swimmers young and old may find themselves hesitant to take a plunge into the cold waters (including indoor pools)  However, with the right preparation and gear, swimming in winter can be an exhilarating and fun experience. Here are five tips to help you stay warm and comfortable while swimming during the colder months.

  1. Wear a Silicon Swim Cap: One of the easiest ways to keep warm while swimming in winter is by wearing a silicon swim cap. Not only does it help streamline your swim, but it also creates a barrier between your head and the cold water, reducing heat loss from your body. Opt for a snug-fitting cap to ensure maximum insulation and comfort. Think of it like a beanie for the water. A good quality Silicon swim cap is your best friend while keeping warm while swimming in winter.

  2. Choose the Correct Size Swimsuit: When swimming in colder temperatures, it's crucial to wear a swimsuit that fits you properly. A suit that is too loose can allow cold water to seep in dropping your core temp, while one that is too tight may restrict movement and blood circulation. Aim for a firm fit that provides enough coverage and support without feeling constricting. Winter swimming pools are always pack full of extra chlorine to keep the bugs at bay so remember always wear a Chlorine Resistant swimsuit that is 100% polyester to keep them looking good and in shape for the summer to come. 

  3. Layer with a Sand Free Hooded Towel: To combat the chill before and after your swim, consider layering with a hooded towel underneath your swim jacket. The hood not only keeps your head warmer but also helps trap heat around your neck and shoulders. Plus, a Sand Free Hooded Towel provides extra insulation against the cold air, absorbs the water so your jacket doesn't get all cold and sticky but also drys quickly ensuring you stay cozy while gearing up for your swim.

  4. Invest in Waterproof Snow Boots: Protect your feet from the cold and water to and from the pool by investing in a pair of waterproof snow boots designed for winter activities. These boots not only keep your feet dry but also provide insulation against the cold ground when walking to and from the swimming area. Look for boots with a sturdy grip to prevent slipping on wet surfaces and ensure your safety.

  5. Add a Sneaky Hot Pack: This was always my most fondest memory of my mum when I use to swim train for an extra treat of warmth post swimming, she would tuck a sneaky hot pack between my towels before heading to the swimming pool. The heat is trapped between the towels in your bag by and can keep your towels warm for house if you keep your bag closed, this winter swimming hack keeping you cozy even in the coldest conditions. Simply slip one into your towel stack and enjoy the soothing heat as you dry off post-swim. It's the best.

With these five tips, you can brave the winter swimming chill and enjoy swimming to the fullest all year round. From wearing a silicon swim cap to layering with a hooded towel there are plenty of ways to stay warm and comfortable in the water this winter. So don't let the cold weather deter you – grab a new swimsuit , remember to keep hydrated and dive in and embrace the invigorating experience of winter swimming!


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